A web designer should focus on three things. First is design, second is functionality and third is presentation. The designer would be able to manage search engines and visitors with the help of these three things.

What a visitor looks into a website?

Visitors visit websites for information. When a visitor clicks on a website, he expects the site to download quickly and decently on his browser. Once the site is downloaded, he looks for information. A visitor spends less than 15 seconds on a website but he can stay for more time, if he finds design and presentation of the website attractive.

How should a website be designed?

Mobius web design company makes attractive websites after understanding needs of the clients. This group makes unique sites that perform well on search engines. An experienced website designer would always take his profession as a challenge. Designing new websites is a challenge for a designer as completion on the web has reached next level and also the visitors have become more demanding.

Website as face of a business

Your website is face of your business. It communicates with your online customers and you expect business from your website. But the site would be able to get business only when it is designed according to needs of the targeted customers. You should know how your customers behave so that you can design your website according to the needs of your audiences.


Take your website designing seriously as it can make or mar your business opportunities on the web.